Beijing, China

Beijing is an enormous municipality abundant in history, culture, beautiful landscapes, and fine cuisine. One of the oldest and largest cities in the world, Beijing boasts a fascinating mixture of old and new, from ancient imperial palaces to modern skyscrapers, providing one-of-a-kind insight into Chinese culture and daily life that you can't get anywhere else. As the cultural and political capital of the country, Beijing is an essential part of all China tour itineraries.

Scenic Areas


What to Eat in Beijing

In Beijing, there is a limitless range of international cuisine to choose from, in every price range. It is easy to find Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, Muslim restaurants, and Asian restaurants.

One of the most famous specialties of Beijing is the Peking roast duck.


Beijing can be a shopaholic's heaven. World famous international-brand shopfronts are packed along Wangfujing Street, which doubles up at night as an exotic snack street.

Apart from that, Beijing is home to Qianmen Street and Dashilar Street, two classic commercial streets that have prospered for centuries. Beijing also hosts bizarre antique markets, amazing to tourists.

Getting to and Around Beijing

Getting to Beijing
Beijing is China's No. 1 gateway city and it has China's biggest airport (the world's second busiest), Beijing Capital International Airport. The airport serves around 120 destinations. There are many flight choices for visitors from all continents. It is likely to be your best choice for entering or leaving China.

From Beijing, it is easy to travel by plane or direct bullet train to most major destinations in China, such as Xi'an or Shanghai. See more on Beijing Transport and learn about how to get to Beijing city from Beijing Airport and how to get to the Great Wall.

Getting Around in Beijing
As a capital city, Beijing has traffic problems like anywhere else in the world, especially during rush hours or national holidays.

Beijing's subway system is the second largest in China, and the cheapest way to get around in Beijing. During rush hour, however, some popular lines can be very crowded.

Beijing Maps

Beijing map page provides tourists with many useful maps, including a map of the layouts of Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, Beijing Zoo, Beijing city, and the Beijing subway system. These are all high-resolution and you are more than welcome to download for free!

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