Papers describing original work, as shown in any topic below, are invited. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance, originality, etc. Both full research and work-in-progress reports are welcome. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Image and video processing

- Image and video compression
- Image and video analysis and segmentation
- Image and video enhancement and restoration
- 3D imaging and visualization
- Image and video coding and transmission
- Object recognition and tracking
- Multimedia content analysis
- Computational photography

Track 2: Speech and audio processing

- Speech recognition and synthesis
- Audio analysis and processing
- Speaker recognition and verification
- Speech enhancement and dereverberation
- Music information retrieval
- Audio and speech coding and transmission
- Acoustic signal processing
- Speech and audio perception and cognition

Track 3: Signal processing for communication systems

- Wireless communication systems
- Digital signal processing for communications
- MIMO systems and space-time processing
- Channel estimation and equalization
- Modulation and demodulation techniques
- Signal detection and estimation
- Synchronization techniques for communication systems
- Signal processing for radar and sonar

Track 4: Signal processing for biomedical applications

- Biomedical signal processing
- Medical imaging and image processing
- Biosignal analysis and classification
- Brain-computer interfaces
- Neural signal processing
- Wearable sensors and systems for health monitoring
- Physiological signal processing
- Biomedical data analysis and visualization

Track 5: Machine learning for signal processing

- Deep learning for signal processing
- Reinforcement learning for signal processing
- Sparse signal processing
- Dimensionality reduction techniques
- Clustering and classification algorithms
- Optimization methods for signal processing
- Adaptive signal processing techniques
- Graph signal processing

Track 6: Signal processing for sensor networks

- Distributed signal processing
- Sensor data fusion
- Sensor localization and tracking
- Energy-efficient signal processing for sensor networks
- Wireless sensor networks
- Internet of Things (IoT) applications
- Signal processing for cyber-physical systems
- Signal processing for smart cities

Track 7: Signal processing for control and automation

- Control theory and systems
- Robotics and automation
- Intelligent control systems
- Adaptive and nonlinear control systems
- Fault detection and diagnosis
- System identification and estimation
- Control of time-delay systems
- Control of stochastic systems

Track 8: Signal processing for multimedia applications

- Multimedia communication systems
- Multimedia content analysis and indexing
- Multimedia security and forensics
- Human-computer interaction
- Augmented and virtual reality
- Digital rights management
- Quality of service (QoS) for multimedia systems
- Multimedia databases and retrieval

Track 9: Signal processing for security and surveillance

- Video surveillance systems
- Object recognition and tracking for security
- Biometric signal processing
- Signal processing for encryption and decryption
- Steganography and steganalysis
- Audio and speech forensics
- Signal processing for intrusion detection systems
- Security and privacy in signal processing systems

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